Stress & Anxiety Management

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Do you often feel Anxious and Stressed?

It’s time to take control regain your power and not let your thoughts feeling or emotions control you.

Create change in your life by creating new behaviour, new thoughts and feeling and removing stress and anxiety.

Let yourself blossom and shine, love your life and let it be filled with passion and energy


When you feel anxious and stressed you are unconsciously inhibited, your behaviour is modulated, you hold yourself back, you don’t feel free and you are not spontaneous.


When you feel permanently anxious it’s because you feel a sense of threat.


Allow the anxiety to rise and fall, understand that it won’t hurt you, even though it feels scary, lets the anxiety come to a head you will find it will soon drop. Everybody feels anxious sometimes, it’s when you allow the anxiety to control you it becomes a problem.

Staying in a situation is maintaining a problem by avoiding the problem.


Problems are kept alive by the way we go over the past


We are often good at avoiding an emotion instead of staying with the emotion until it settles down, as humans it’s important to allow yourself to feel.


As you become aware of what makes you anxious and stressed you are able take control and practice the breathing for a few breathes allowing you to feel calm.


You can’t worry when you are relaxed and when your muscles are relaxed



Having suffered for most of my life with anxiety and stress I want to share with you How I created a calm mind and learnt to recognise the signs before allowing the stress and anxiety to build up.


A lot of people suffer from anxiety and stress and educating yourself about it, understanding how to change your behaviour and reduce anxiety and stress will help you transform your life into a more peaceful place to be.


Stress is like poring mud into the engine of a car, it will work but it will have issue and cumulative problems in areas that have nothing to do with stress.

Stress = overwhelm, anxiety, depression, health issue


Fear is strengthened when you avoid it (anxiety)

Look for triggers nip them in the bud, notice warning signs and go down a new pathway create change and the trigger will start to change and eventually go away.

How do you work to make yourself lovable?

By suppressing your own feelings, by always being nice, by always taking care and always ignoring your own needs. This behaviour is purely unconscious. This is a coping pattern developed in small children.

If you grew up in homes where there’s alcohol, the children or one of the children becomes the caregiver to the parents emotionally and even physically sometimes. That then becomes your personality. That becomes how you live your life because you think that’s who you are. That’s not who you are but that’s who you become to believe so are so that’s how you behave.

That’s how these patterns of behaviour are created. Why do these patterns translate into illness? That’s because traditional medicine, as always understood and as Western science has now confirmed mind and body inseparable. If you look at the important systems in the body and the brain, they’re completely connected. The emotional centres in the brain are connected to the immune system and the hormonal apparatus and the nervous system. The emotional centres in your brain have one major role to play, to keep you alive. Emotionally the biggest need of a new-born baby is its attachment to the adults.

The same stress hormones that are made by their own adrenal glands when they’re stressed. What had happened is that the stress response mechanisms have been exhausted. We give them stress hormones from the outside. If you’ve rheumatoid arthritis or lupus, you will also be given a Cortisol, the stress hormone.

A parents stress actually programs the physiology of the child, you can’t separate the individual from the environment.


We are all carrying excess tension unconsciously but if you make that conscious you can let go of it

You can change your thinking and behaviour just by moving tension.

Learning new skills training when stressed and how to cope with the situations, Such as

talking out loud helps regulate your thoughts, learning relaxation skills, mindfulness, breathing and relaxation.


You get stuck when you hold onto tension and this can affect more areas of your life.

Do you cope by reaching for the wine, snacking?

By Becoming more aware on the early warning signs learning to notice the stress & anxiety before it develops. If you are aware of what’s happening, you notice the trigger and become self aware


Look for triggers nip them in the bud, notice warning signs and go down a new pathway create change ad the trigger will start to change and eventually will go away.



You Often aren’t always aware of all the stuff that went on during the week.