how does Hypnotherapy work?

It allows you to assume that what you want is true. Hypnotherapy has been proven to be the fastest and most effective way of shifting the way you communicate your intentions and goals to not only the world outside of you – but also the one inside of you. It allows you to concentrate on creating new habits, while negating old and destructive ones.

The idea is to allow yourself to start doing something so powerful, so proactive and so success oriented (for a CONSECUTIVE 28 Days) that you will have created a new habit, that will serve you for the rest of your life. These are quick, powerful practices and teachings, which will turn your life into the positive, healthy and wonderful place that it was always meant to be.

A lot of people shy away from Hypnotherapy, but it really does work to create long-term change in a short period of time. I combine different techniques which will create  profound change within. These changes are long-term, and work on your unconscious mind and your habits. You will start behaving differently without consciously trying,  and your neural pathways will change.

“I don’t recognise myself anymore.”

We CAN change those limiting beliefs learnt as a child – which means we can represent our environment rather than the environment we were raised in. Life will no longer be a day-to-day struggle. By identifying what’s blocking and the cause of your stress, you will achieve a deep transformation.

Meditation creates a significant increase in cognitive function. When you change your subconscious mind you turn your brain on. It is so much more than just affirmations, willpower and positive thinking. We all have the potential to be geniuses.

“Change destructive behaviour into constructive behaviour.”